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Hi, I'm Leslie Klatt, Author, Business Development and Project Management Pro.

Ten years ago, I left my high level, high paying career as a Project Manager, and became a Mom. 

Talk about identity shift (crisis). 

I had trained my whole life to work harder, reach the next level, and be a powerhouse in the conference room, and here I was, a mom, no need to get dressed in the morning, no adult interaction, with a shaky marriage, doing it on my own. 

It felt like everything I had worked for my entire life was pulled out from under me. 

My need to succeed and work with my powerhouse skills was met with "why isn't being a mom enough for you?"... 

Today, I'm a single mom of 3 and I have reached thousands of ambitious work from home moms, entrepreneurs, professionals, and visionaries around the world. 

They come to me when it's time to get real about their businesses and to embrace that mom identity that has felt like a struggle to this point, getting organized, efficient, effective and balancing business and momlife for real fulfillment and results. 

My Mission: To empower entrepreneurs to master their business and momlife through exceptional organization, strategic planning, and effortless follow through. I am dedicated to helping you create space for growth, build sustainable habits, and achieve your desired lifestyle—all while maintaining a mellow contentment and the freedom to pursue what matters most.

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