Leslie Klatt

Business Coach for the "Former Professional"

Ready to Bring that Power and Fulfillment you had from Financial independence at your job to your

home/online business (with the kids running around)?

Find me and hundreds of other pros, turned moms, turned entrepreneurs at

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Oh that fulfillment, the joy, the bliss of motherhood... right?


Are you the only crazy person in the world that doesn't feel like you found your life calling when you left the career you were working toward your entire life to be something you were never told you should be until you were getting close to your 30s?


Sister, you're not alone.  And here's one of the only cliche things you're going to hear from me,

You Can Have it All!

*barf*... I know...

You can stay home with your kids and not miss those milestones, the soccer and T-ball games, AND make those 5 figure months you used to make before you became a mother to human children.

Hey, I'm Leslie

I was a hot shot Marketing Pro and Project Manager that flew from site to site managing projects with several billions  in budget.


One could say  I'm still in that career... but now I'm working online, helping other "former professional/career builders" turned MOM gain that fulfillment and empowerment of Financial Independence that they had before they made the transformation to motherhood.

How I spell "mom" P.O.W.E.R.

Want some Free Stuff?

I knew it... get in there sister!

Momma's Masterclass

(coming soon)


I have a community of online entrepreneurs who are moms, getting it all done. We have weekly training sessions, info and resources on the regular!