Using the 9 Ba'gua of Feng Shui to Manifest your desires in life and business

August 19, 2018

The practice and power of Feng Shui has been used for centuries to balance your environment, allow the chi (energy) to flow to allow you to manifest like a pro!


We have also leaned in on the mindset aspect to Manifestation and have taken to writing affirmations, practicing meditation, vision boards, visualizations, you name it... We want to make our dreams come true!!!


But... lean in here for a minute... have a listen (or a read).


Manifesting when your environment is in flow is ideal... we know this, right?

That is why I host decluttering challenges in my Facebook Community on the regular.

If you have goals to reach, you don't want to be distracted by that pile of laundry you've been cuddling with for weeks. (does it keep your feet warm? awww, that's cute)


Decluttering eases your mind, releases anxiety, allows you to focus, be creative, be present, feel more confident, and you have WAY more room for random dance parties. 

Decluttering with the principles of Feng Shui applied, allows you to bloom and grow (flash back to Edelweiss, from the sound of music... haha), it strengthens all areas of your mind, life, love and business. YES PLEASE!!!!


So I'm not the first person to discover this... and it may not be the first time you've heard of it. 

But, I'll tell you something I have discovered, applied, and had ridiculous results with. (so have my clients in a Beta program that I have been teaching)

Are you ready for it?


*Drum Roll* << Please partake and drum roll on your legs, desk, table, coffee, or wine glass.


Here it is!



I design business and life planners, I'm a busy mom. (BUSY... seriously... I am busy)

- You know how, from time to time, you go to bed at night and you're like "what the shit did I even do today?"... "I wanted to start working out"... "I wanted to eat healthy"... "I need to see my friends one day" etc etc... and you're not really getting that sense of fulfillment?  And you might be thinking, "GAH, I bet if I had more *insert "Health", "Family", "Kids", "Love", "Travel", "Career", "Money", "Success", "Knowledge"*, I would reach my goals no prob!


Well I designed my planners to help you get more time for the things you want in life and business, but... I create this Balanced Ba'gua scheduling, and a course called Balanced Ba'gua in Action.  So that we can not only do our piece of manifesting, self care, business focus, goal reaching, but so that we live and breathe it, and it's not even in an all consuming way, it's a completely new concept that has you "working" in, and focusing on every area of life, the 9 Ba'gua, the entire day through, leaving you with a sense of fulfillment, and manifesting like a m*other f*****!!


The story and why I decided to teach this course and get people set up to succeed with their businesses and lives. 

1 - I was already an entrepreneur coach

2 - I was already showing people how to set up and streamline their business practices to make more time for the things they want in life. 

3- I was already designing business and life planners. 


... so I wanted to reach certain goals and gain certain things in my life (tools to use really).

When I started applying this principle (which I wasn't sure would work, and checked with my Feng Shui Master to see if it would offend the gurus of Feng Shui... I'm telling you, this is a BRAND NEW CONCEPT)

Things happened... and they happened LOUD and they happened FAST.


You know when you think you've seen a sign, or you may have reached what you've been reaching for, but you're not sure?

I reached those points with the things I was manifesting... and when I ignored the signs, the new tools (a computer and a car) were forced upon me. 

My laptop died a little bit, but I stuck it out... and then it caught on fire. 

My minivan (sexy, I know) died a little bit, but I stuck it out... and then IT caught on fire TOO!


I'm not saying all your stuff is going to catch on fire, but I'm saying, the results that you're going to get are going to be big, powerful and AMAZING!!!!


Check it out if you want in!  You can reach the goals you want NOW!


From the Balanced Ba'gua Beta Program:


- Leslie is so motivated and geared on helping you achieve your goal. I feel like we are great friends


- Working with Leslie has been amazing. She is fabulous! You can tell that she really cares and genuinely wants you to succeed. She really is fantastic at what she does!


- Working with Leslie has been amazing. She is fabulous! You can tell that she really cares and genuinely wants you to succeed. She really is fantastic at what she does!


- Focusing on how to start somewhere. To start a on line business Learning more of being more conscious of breaking down the day into 9 categories


- Deciding to make my business a real thing. Finding ways to make my business revolve around my life as opposed to my life revolving around my business.

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