Beat the Overwhelm [fire yourself]

January 19, 2018


When you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s so easy to throw in the towel.  Especially when things 
like folding laundry, emptying the dishwasher, and those things you just DON’T like to do come up.

But you have to do it all… the only one who can do it… right?  Are you sure?

You don’t have to be a wolf pack of one!  Really… Actually, please, for the love of coconut oil, 

Make an Org Chart... it can be an amazing visual that outlines who, in your life, is doing what…  There is you (of course).  
We have a chef, bookkeeper, family experience specialist, taxi driver, education specialist, relationship therapist, maid (amirite?), laundry technician, etc.  

So now you’re thinking “thanks, Leslie.. you’re right… and I do ALL of those things.”…

we’re rolling with it…  
Get this Org Chart going, right meow.  Map it all out and put names next to the tasks. (even if it is you) 

This will show you areas where you are spending too much time, not enough time, where you 
would like to be, compared to where you are... and, of course, where you should be FIRED! 

Oh yes! FIRE YOURSELF!!!  Fire yourself from these crazy little things that you do… that you 
focus on… that you begrudge because “nobody else can do it, nobody else cares”...

FIRE YOURSELF and let it go!  


When you can do that, you can focus on where you want to be, how you want to be, and do what you’re good at and what you love! 

We want to be top notch!  Right?  

Well, I will have you know that studies show “mediocre” types DIY things for as long as they can

(you know, before they burn out completely)

instead of finding someone else to do it for them, while top notchers outsource! 

Get writing that org chart out, and take a step to some liberation and top notchy feelings!  

Even if it’s not something that you start to outsource immediately.  (and by outsource, I mean pass it 
on to a spouse, partner, friend, kid etc, it doesn’t all have to be paid service providers)  

You’re gonna start to see the light at the end of your stressed out and overworked little tunnel!  

But Who could replace you!??! 

Give the People around you some credit and make them want to help you out– 

1. Build them up – show that you trust them:  It might even feel like you’re talking yourself into it, when you first hand off one of your usual projects (even if it’s one you detest).   Acknowledge that you want to hear their ideas and want to offload this one tasks, whatever it may be, and you think the two of you could work it out and get it done in  super fun way, or for a super fun reason!  “You’re so good at focusing on a task and getting it done, that I was thinking, if you can empty the dishwasher first thing every morning, while I get the kids dressed and fed, we can have some extra time this afternoon to fly a kite, or hit the beach”…. See what I’m saying? 
2. Acknowledge your abilities, but be the assistant:  Some things, you might really excel at… and you may even enjoy them too, but you know it is something that isn’t necessary and taking up time that you need/want to dedicate to your personal goals.  Acknowledge someone else as having the ability to do the job and offer assistance in any way.  You don’t HAVE to be in charge, you can be the expert who offers advice and criticism.  So much more fun! Lol  
3. Position Eval: Does this position even have to exist?  Do a quick evaluation of a title that you may have.  How devastating will it be if that position were cut altogether?  Tell people that there is no room in your life for it anymore and let it go! 



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Let me know how this exercise goes for you!

- Leslie



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