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March 23, 2017

Have you let everybody in on your plan?

Have they heard what you're saying?


We've been talking about listening and communicating in the Equestrian Fitness and Lifestyle group lately... what rang true for you?


Do you go to your lessons day in and day out and go through your coach's lesson routine, untack, go home.. yeah yeah.. good ride... or do you go in, learn some new exercises, nail down those exercises that you've been hung up on over the week between lessons and really feel like you learned and progressed and made a few steps closer to your goal??

Does your coach KNOW your goal?

Does your coach SUPPORT your goal?


When I was younger I rode at one barn for 6 years, I was there everyday, mucking stalls, grooming horses, organizing the grain room, cleaning up the tack room, I. WAS. THERE. EVERY. DAY.

Even when it was -25 below, I would get my parents to bring me out so I could help my coach smash frozen water in the horses' buckets with a hammer so we could get them watered. (it wasn't a really fancy place)

It wasn't until I showed at the Year end "National" Exhibition that was rated an "A" circuit show, where I placed and received no support or congratulations from my coach, I was actually told that everyone else performed so poorly that day that it made me look good... this is when I was showing in the hunters....

After 6 years, 3 of those I had been leasing one of her big ginger geldings that I just ADORED, this was the straw that really showed me that this coach was not for me.  


After seeing that SO clearly, I moved on to another barn and another coach, a coach who taught every lesson.  (i'm gonna go off on a tangent here a bit) After riding with this other coach, who brought in clinicians, one of which became my regular coach for a season, and who I recently reconnected with because of my work in Horse and Rider Fitness, which is just awesome!!!.... anyhow... an old barn friend of mine came to the new place to watch me ride one night and said she would give me a "tralalalala" Lesson.  (i say "tralalalala" here so that I don't horribly substitute my old coach's name or barn name with the name of one of you reading this, or something that resembles their names so obviously that you know who i'm talking about)

Oh, yes...  a good old "tralalalala" lesson... walk.... trot.... sitting trot, circle on the ends..... posting trot.... walk.... halt... turn on the forehand.... trot.... sitting trot, circle on the ends... canter.... reverse... canter... figure of 8 simple change... figure of 8 flying change.... cross rails... cross rails on the diagonal... outside combination verticals, full course, full course, full course. done.


I mean.. how much did we really learn? Other than the routine of the lessons that we had twice a week.... 


Once I stopped crying over leaving my beloved Ginger Gelding, and the rejection felt by a coach that i actually really did look up to for the last 6 years of my young life, I learned SO much.  I haven't stopped learning since!  I had some amazing opportunities and was brought forward to reach my goals with everyone I met along the way.  I KNEW what I wanted, I made sure that it was understood, and the benefits of listening to ME, listening to others and making sure that we were all on the same page... it has been Incredible!!! 




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