Whether Weather or Food... The horse Back Body Hurts

March 14, 2017



Riders get tossed around a lot (I can't be alone here).  We're doing a lot of repetitive movement with our daily chores,  but we have to perform 100% every single day!


At this time of year (I'm talking about spring... hoping that it comes soon), you can start to feel those old injuries, you can feel twinges, pain (and not just in your ace because it's tax season), stiffness and fatigue (it sounded better than "tired")!


Before you buy stocks in Redbull or Folgers (even though it is the best part of waking up), take these top 5 factors into consideration and make adjustments to your routine!


#1 GET RID OF THE SUGAR - you're sweet enough!


Sounds like a tall order, eh?  Toward the end of my pregnancy I wanted ice cream like it was nobody's business.  Now that Emerae is born, I just can't justify putting it in my mouth anymore, and I feel like I'm going through a bad break up.

One way to get through it... fill yourself up with healthy balanced meals through the day, so you're not missing something in your daily needs (like holding out on your carb intake so you can have a bunch of potatoes with dinner) 


If you want to sweeten your tea of coffee, go for something like Honey, or Coconut Palm Crystals instead.  Opt for Dark chocolate instead of a Mars bar.  Make some little changes and it will make it easier to do it for the long run.


#2 MYSTERY FOOD - fast food... what do they put in that?


Fast food, oh so convenient for our busy Horse-back-lives, but WHO KNOWS what is in that?  It is processed with chemicals to make it taste so yummy and last for WAY too long... you've seen those french fry experiments right? or even found some in your car that still look tasty, months later... it's not right.

The trans-fats (hydrogenated fats) are not friendly for living beings.  Just Say NO! (which brings me to my next point....


#3 NO DIET FOOD - embrace the fat!


Healthy fats are SO important for you (especially when you're feeling tired and achy).  Brain tissue, nerves, cartilage, and organs are made and repaired from this stuff.  

Fat does not make you fat... sugar does that.  Your body processes fat and puts it to use, but it turns sugar into fat that hangs out in whatever inconvenient place it chooses on your body.

Have you ever tried unsalted butter in your coffee? DO IT... Grass fed butter, coconut oil, natural vanilla and honey has been my GO TO since being alone with the 2 munchkins, and I have been getting more done through the day than I was before I had the new baby.  Give it a shot... mix it all in your coffee (i'm talkin 1 to 2 TBSP butter, 1 of Coconut oil, a few drops of vanilla and a tsp of honey... throw it in the blender and drink!  It is BRAIN FUEL!!! 


#4 WORK OUT!!! - get strong and flexible


Do you have my Rider Fitness Workbooks?  

They are GREAT for this... the exercises in there incorporate resistance training, which can reduce blood sugar levels and pulls the stored sugar to the muscles to fuel them, which then leads to a reduction in inflammation.   And just 15 to 20 mins (which those workouts happen to be) release cytokines which are pro-inflammatory and gets your joints lubed up and moving!




Funny, but yes, Rest and Exercise both rid our bodies of cytokines, (so do both!)

Kick up your heels, hit the hay early... and let your stress hormones take a hike, and your body recover!


Oh wait... I have more

#6 & 7

EAT GREEN VEGGIES... LEAFY GREENS... DARK GREENS... cut back on the carby and sugary ones (cough cough, carrots and corn)

AND.... DRINK WATER!!!!! half of your body weight in ounces EVERYDAY!


Questions?  Find me here,  in the Group!


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