What made Peter Pan fly?... I mean, other than pixie dust...

October 30, 2016

Alright, alright.. I know Peter Pan is fiction.   I am taking one of the concepts though and running with it!


So Peter, Wendy, Michael, James and the John (I seriously can't believe I remember that off the top of my head)... Wanted to fly.  Tink got them some pixie dust (the magical ingredient) but it still didn't happen.... They were jumping into the air and.... nothing.


What was the REAL deciding factor in the outcome of their ability to fly or not fly?


I think we know by now.. it wasn't the Pixie Dust.  (or, in real life... the FROO... FROO FROO everywhere.  The tack, the horse, the ring, the instructor, the outfit etc).  Pixie Dust = Froo froo


Any guesses?  Who followed the posts in the group this week?  What did you gather?

 It was their thoughts!!!



Easy peasy right?  If you're thinking of the old Peter Pan movie like I am, the kids started jumping around saying "candy" and silly things... and I think we all know that it goes much deeper than that.

Especially when I'm comparing Peter Pan to Equestrian Confidence. 


There were steps to control your thoughts, to rid yourself of nasty memories, and to take control of your plans and actions shared this week and I seriously loved every one of them.  They are practices that I still take part in regularly.


We get these nasty little buggy thoughts that creep into our minds that bog us down and make us doubt ourselves and our abilities... we need to SQUISH EM!



 1) STOP the negative thoughts - don't let em brew

 2) Pin Point what it is that is leading you to thinking them (an event, hurtful words etc)

 3) Write your Screenplay - you decide your future - you decide the outcome

 4) Frame your lies - don't let the past hinder your future - frame those lies and Let it GO!


STEP 5 - EMBRACE THE TRUTH! (more to come on that... it's a biggy!)



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