Do it now... when you don't really have to!

September 24, 2016

My inspiration for this week's content in my group came from me, randomly stumbling across a box of Christmas cards that I bought a few years ago and never actually sent out to anybody.


Oh.. don't worry, I wouldn't let Martha down... I sent out cards that year, they were just personalized cards with pictures of Devin and I on them.


And Yes... for those of you who just threw up in your mouths a little bit, and might have gotten a knot in your stomach... I started addressing some envelopes for this year... Hate me if you will... but if I have your address, your card is still going to go in the mail! LOL


I thought, for maybe about half a second "Leslie... come on.. it's the first week of September... you're NUTS"  and so I embraced my nuttiness, and started working on Christmas cards ANYWAY!!! 


So, why not get the barn set up and do some preventative maintenance before you get stuck with Holy Blankets... I mean, Blankets with holes... With buckets that freeze up, or waterers that are faulty, when you REALLY REALLY need them to be working... Check that stuff out NOW, while you can... while the barn maintenance doesn't Hurt your face!?


We went over:


Getting Turnout Ready

- Shelters, feeders, troughs, seeding, footing


Getting your Equipment in Check

- Oil changes, heaters, tires, light bulbs


Getting the Barn cleaned up and out

- things that will freeze, things you'll need for winter


Getting things Washed 

- Buckets, horses, tack, stall mats you name it!  So much easier when it won't freeze!


Getting Clothes Ready to go

- Don't leave yourself searching for winter gear, get blankets set up, get blanket racks set up etc


It's all in the Group!  Are you?





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