Horse and Rider Fitness - Toss some Core on that Soup Sandwich

August 28, 2016

This week in my Group we talked about the importance of fitness to sustain and improve physical health, confidence and improve performance!


We focused on the core - which is why I tossed the old "Soup Sandwich" comment up in my headline! (Thank you George Morris)


On a scale of 1 to 10... how engaged would you say your core is when you ride?

You might hear coaches and clinicians say things like "sit tall", "pull your belly button to your spine", "straighten up" etc etc... The one thing I see a lot of riders do when they hear the infamous "Sit up" or "Sit tall" is a complete disengagement of the core and a curved back.  What happens when we do this is that the horse will be disengaged too.  Their heads might come up (unless they just go around with their heads rounded, which doesn't count as collection/engaged)  But their movement will be out of alignment.

                                                     *Photo Model is my guy Coupe! He amuses me lol


When you - and your horse - don't use your bodies properly and compensate here and there to obtain movement that you're looking for this can lead to injury.  It might not be noticeable right away, but it will develop over time. (I'm not trying to be scary, I'm trying to help)  You might notice muscle loss in the hind end, and/or topline, including the neck.  You might notice a bump in their spine where vertebrae were rubbing together from their arched back (counter arched, not rounded).


So what can you do?


:: Think about your core and position during your ride.  

    - Have a flat back and engaged core

    - Keep breathing - don't flex your abs so much that you have to hold your breathe 

    - If you have a coach - ask them to remind you


:: Do a stretch and warm- up with your horse before your ride

    - I have a simple and effective Pre-Ride Warm- Up done up for you.  It should be in your inbox (if you're already subscribed, if you're not, you can go to my website and sign up for the weekly newsletter and the warm-up will be yours... like magic!

    - Butt Tucks! - I Demo'ed these in our Group this week, as part of our Booty Bootcamp exercises.


These little changes will get you and your horse thinking about these lovely muscles in your body that will help you out big time.  Get them working before your ride and you'll have them on your mind during your ride too!


Join The Equestrian Fitness and Lifestyle Group

If you're into Facebook - I have a group!  Daily posts to keep you motivated and on track - weekly themes are covered and exercises given to work on and improve health, fitness and performance.

JOIN HERE                

 Booty Bootcamp has been a total hit!!

I've gotten some great feedback from the group of 12 gals who registered for this round of Booty Bootcamp and I have decided to keep it open for you to register for it when you are ready to give it a go!






>> Improved Posture

>> Improved Fitness/Endurance

>> Major Confidence Boost

>> New found Balance in the saddle

>> Horse "misbehaviours" gone

>> Horse movement improved

>> Rides are more enjoyable




✅ 30 minute consultation to set up for you
✅ Goal setting workbook/planner
✅ Rider Fitness workbook
✅ Rider Nutrition guide
✅ Equine Fitness workbook
✅ Equine Nutrition guide 
✅ Virtual Coach - 3 riding video analysis
✅ Weekly 30 minute progress check
✅ Unlimited Email, Text, Messaging support







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