5 Elements - Horse Behaviour

July 30, 2016

I can't even believe it has been 2 months since I blogged.  Busy busy around here.  We always have so much going on!


But I, as usual, was doing some reading, getting some inspiration to get my blog show on the road and came across these 5 Elements to describe/categorize horse behaviour.  


These kind of things always interest me.  I wouldn't call it "carved in stone truth" or anything... but it's fun to read this stuff.  More often than not, you can relate to it too.


I didn't come up with these things, I was sharing a bit of the info from Madalyn Ward, DVM, who owns Bear Creek Veterinary Clinic in Austin, Texas.  She's certified in Veterinary Homeopathy and Equine Osteopathy. (aka - my kinda people) 


The basics - 


Fire Horse - Show Horse

Wood Horse - Serious Competitor

Earth Horse - Lesson Horse

Metal Horse - Hard Working

Water Horse - Excited Horse


(This is my little summary - More detailed info from what I have read will be posted in my site TUHDAY!)


Do you know your type?




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