Eat Food... Real Food.

May 29, 2016

It's not always easy, because if we check out the gas stations on the road, the handy dandy chip trucks at horse shows or summer festivals, they call it food!  SO... we figure... it is food!


Let me break this to you gently... it's not always REAL FOOD.

A lot of the time things that are sold to us crazy humans are things that we can put in our mouths and digest without dying or being sick immediately.

It kind of freaks me out when I think about it for too long.


Did you know that Margerine was originally invented as a cheap way for Farmers to Fatten up Turkeys? But too many Turkeys were dying, so they added some food colouring to it to make it look like a butter substitute (because of its consistency) and sold it to US... because our bodies could tolerate it more so than the little birdies?

As the years have past... they've added chemically formulated vitamines and commercials that tell us how it's low fat... because it's made in a science lab... ANYWAY... haha, not where I was planning on going with this post.


If you missed my posts on the old page... I was giving out some tips to stay healthy on the road and to give our bodies a fighting chance to perform the way we want them to.


1 - The magical Shakeology that my Bootcampers get... Hello... you can't go wrong. 

2 - REAL FOOD - veggies, fruit, cheese, (does wine count as fruit? haha.. there I go again)

2.5 - Opt for Grilled over Crispy

3 - Make wise choices when you are eating gas station food... look for lower sodium, non candy, darker chocolate, WATER!!! so many drinks that are called things like "VITAMIN" are NOT actually all that good for you.  Sure, they may have those vitamines, but they also have a TON of sugar!

3.5 - don't think you're doing better than others when you pick the new and more expensive drinks at fast food joints... (pommegranate Blueberry Smoothie MUST be healthy.... Right??


210 CALS in a small "health" smoothie... i don't think there is much healthiness going on in there... cuz i can tell you, if you're mixing a half a cup of pommegranate seeds/fruit with blueberries and ice to make a healthy smoothie... even with some honey... you're looking at...140 calories MAX.

That's half a cup of pommegranate and half a cup of blueberries with a teaspoon of honey... mixed with ice.  

4 - Get sauces and dressings on the side - and if you have your portion containers (bootcampers know what this is - measure it out... if not.. use HALF of what they give you.


Always consider how you actually feel after you've eaten the usual greasy road stop food... sure, it sends happy chemicals to your brain... but do you feel energized, or like you need to take a nap?  

Food is supposed to give you energy, not zap it away like an evil magic wand.

If you're heading to a horse show and you set yourself a goal of performing well... give your body what it needs to actually do that!


Make that a goal!  Feed, Fuel, Nourish your body to perform like the Athlete you are!


Chat soon!





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