I just don't have time for this...

May 21, 2016

Feeling overwhelmed?  No time for yourself?  No time to think, to dream, to work on something for YOU?


Oh, I hear ya!!

It's the world we live in... expected to do it all and THEN some.


Seriously, NOBODY.


If you took a look at my "about me" or if you KNOW me... you know I've always been a huge Martha Stewart fan.  Seriously - When I was little (I'm talking 7 - 8 years old, I watched Martha Stewart and Lynette Jennings... does anybody remember her?  Lynette?  She was an interior designer.  She went off air... know what I'm thinking right now?  She probably went off air because she didn't do EVERYTHING like Martha does.

But know what?  Martha... Martha herself DOESN'T do it all!

She has assistants, she has graphic designers, gardeners, horse trainers, dog carers, all of it.  Sure, what you SEE is her grooming her dogs, on that one episode, you see her making a cake, you see her holding her horse, and planting those peas, but she's not doing that EVERYDAY... and she's certainly not posting pictures of herself full of dirt... pulling out her hair... wearing the same dirty jeans as yesterday.  You just see what her publishers say she should show us. (Sorry Martha, if this reaches you.  I love you still.  So very much.  After 25 years of asking for it, I finally got your book for Christmas this year, and I have all of your magazines)


The things that I covered this week (through videos, to mix it up and keep it all interesting) was TIME MANAGEMENT!!


HOW can you get more done in a day, in a week, in a month, or a year?!


Click the pic to get to my FB Page for the lovely videos going over it all!




Just as Martha does - Delegate the things that YOU don't really HAVE to do.  Some things have to get done... but do YOU have to do it?

(That is a biggy for me, which is why I mention it first)

I have a BUNCH of tips, tricks and practices for this, so I'm putting it into a workbook for all of my lovely clients who are jumping into the Equestrian Athletic Kickstart.  It will be available individually soon.


So here is what we covered, and you can always go back to my Facebook page to watch the videos ANY time.


1 - Make appointments with yourself for Need to dos and Nice to haves

2 - Intervene to make sure you do what you have to (get in your way - set a timer)

3 - Let go of your control - loosen the reins - Delegate

4 - Practice Focusing - get rid of interruptions

5 - STAY TUNED - I'm posting Video #5 tonight!!


Comment - get back to me - what do you want to see in the workbook - I'm spending this week creating it!  I have over 20 tricks and tips so far... with worksheets to really put them into practice!!


Take control of your time and see how much you have to spare so we can hang out more!!!








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