You don't HAVE to eat it!

May 2, 2016

It's May 1!!!

I had such a crazy week and now I'm blogging on Sunday instead of Saturday! WAHHH

Not what my schedule said... but this is how it worked out, it's still getting done, just a day late... that's okay, right?


Kind of like that old wagon... it gets a little rocky sometimes... you might even hit a big bump and fall right off the wagon... it's cool... just get back on it.  It's better to get back on track the next meal or the next day then to have to regroup a month later and start back at ZERO!


But, what are some ways to keep a grip on that control?? 

PLAN it out!  Tomorrow (Monday - May 2) Marks Day 1 of a Five Day Clean eating week.

We have a plan... we have our guidelines and we have to remember some strategy.


1 - BALANCE... try not to deprive yourself of anything or you will be tempted to dive off the wagon!  Be smart and take it easy on yourself.


2 - MEAL PREP... when everything is planned out for you, and the guesswork is gone... life is SO much easier.


3 - ROUTINE... you like what you ate yesterday? You met your recommended balance (fruit, veg, carb, protein, calories) DO IT AGAIN!!


4 - PACK IT UP... if you happen to be oot and aboot... eyeball your portions (don't try to fool yourself and think you can control it if you can't) and ask for a take out container before you even start to dig in... HIDE the extra food they put on your plate


5 - DRINK WATER... make drinking water fun, if water alone isn't fun enough for ya!  Add some flavours, lemon, lime, mint, cucumber, pineapple OH MY!


Keep an eye out for the clean eating posts! 

You'll get an idea of how things work... and how they do not!



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