April 17, 2016

One of my favourite things is working with clients who have BIG GOALS!!


I always have some goals on the go, but one thing I've been learning with my wise old age is that stopping and smelling the roses is all part of the path to reach those goals.

Enjoy the trip to your dream come true.


I've always been a dreamer, and quite a few of those dreams have become goals. 

Goal setting and reaching strategies have always come naturally to me.  People have spent thousands on courses to learn visualization, dream board, and habit changing tactics that I have been practicing since I was seven years old!  


There are 8 skills to develop to while changing habits to reach your goals and we covered 5 of those this week... FIVE!!! You have the majority of the info you need to start getting some habits changed so that you stay on track to what you want most!


- Micro Quotas

- Behaviour Chains

- Routines

- Visualize the path (not just the result)

- Don't QUIT!


All the details are shared across my social media, and you can jump on in any time!


Twitter @gettuitgirl

IG @leslie_klatt


I have Free Assessment calls you can tap into.  We can have a chat about your goals and how these 5 and even more tricks I have up my sleeve can get you going and you'll be reaching your goals left, right and center!


You can ALSO get my free Goal Setting Planner from the Client Lounge!  

Fill in


as much of it as you can before our call and you'll be golden!


Chat soon!

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