Listen to others, but especially to YOU

April 9, 2016

What do you think?

Listening to others? Communication? Listening to yourself?  Sounds like a recipe for a less stressful life, right?


I have been sharing little brain games to train ourselves to listen to others and to make sure others have listened to us when we're giving direction, sharing ideas, or just chatting.


Check out my page and give them a try, it's a real eye opener.


The most hilarious thing happened when I was posting my dailies.  I wasn't feeling it.  The direction I was heading in reminded me of an office environment, like little articles to share at an office meeting.  And, hey, if you want to share them at your office meeting pep rally, do it!


So here is what I did, and it lead me to the most viewed, shared, and commented on post of the week... Are you ready for it?... I LISTENED TO MY GUT!  I changed it up.  I wrote a little more about my specialty... I shared a little info about LISTENING TO YOURSELF! FOLLOWING YOUR GUT! TRUSTING YOUR HEART!

And it worked! 


Know what else happened after I did that?  Everything I had been stressing about this week disappeared.  I had been in a funk, working different techniques, trying to get a feel for the workbooks I've been working on for my upcoming Webcasts, Live Clinics, and Daily posts (blogs, vlogs, periscopes, you name it)  I wasn't feeling it, cuz what I was doing at that point in time didn't ring with me.



As soon as I posted something that was me, one of my specialties, something that I help clients with daily, everything turned around.


Moral of the story - Don't doubt your gut feeling, it is yours alone and is right for you!!  Listen to others, understand what they say, but ultimately, it is what is right for YOU that matters the most.


If you want to read the TOP POST of the week... Here she is.


Follow me, like me, love me, message me... we'll get you on the path to your goals!

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