Riders are Athletes too!!!

March 26, 2016

No matter your goals, exercise will always make you feel and perform better.

Cardio hits you everywhere.

It improves your stamina, it balances your body weight distribution, your mental alertness (YES - You'll feel more awake after you workout), releases stress, and It loosens your joints, which is AWESOME for a ride.


We all know and have probably explained to our non rider friends that Riders Are Athletes Too!  But have we actually been acting like it?


Athletes Cross Train.

Actually, a minimum of 25% of their athletic game is spent on cross training activities and not their actual sport specialty.

That means, for every 45 minutes of riding, you should be doing 15 mins of cross training.

(write that down)


So, yes, Riding is a workout.  Running is a workout.  Rowing is a workout.  Skiing is a workout.

But it shouldn't be the only one in your repertoire. 


Why, you ask?  Imbalance, I say.

When you are working out the same way, every day, you lose flexibility, you weaken other areas of your body that may not be used as much or that are only being used in one way.


What's the big deal, you ask? You're Risking Injury!  and maybe you won't hurt yourself when you're riding, but you could hurt yourself or pull, strain, or do something weird to your body just walking around!  Ankle rolls,  Muscle pulls, Tweaks in your neck, back, shoulders... 


A few tips for incorporating your Cross Training for Riding Success...

  • Dive Right In: Pool workouts help you build fitness, strength, and flexibility—without risking injury.

  • Be dynamic: Try a dynamic flexibility routine to help reduce stiffness in your ride and allow you to flow with the horse.  

  • Borrow something: Steal from the tackbox of other sports that require some combo of stamina, balance, and strength.

  • Get healthy: As long as you do it right, cross-training can help you achieve overall health if you do it right.

  • Lose weight: Add cross-training to your riding schedule to shed some extra pounds.

  • Prevent injury: Cross-training prevents injuries—as long as you take a healthy approach.

My most popular program for Rider Fitness is PiYo - a PIlates Yoga combo that gets you strong, flexible and adds movement to get a sweat on.


If you want to have a chat about some options that will fit into your schedule, check out my site and some of the packages available.  Or, book a free assessment with me!  We can figure it out together!


Chat soon ;)















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