Spring Cleaning - You don't have to do it all at once!

March 19, 2016

Spring is in the air and it's got me all jazzed up!


I love decluttering - I love the feeling of walking into a clean house, seeing (or not seeing) everything in its place.

Isn't it nice to get in and out of the car and not have to pick up whatever fell out when you opened the door?   Or picking up a friend and not having to move everything out of the passenger seat to the back seat, where it will now remain until the end of time?


So this week - on my active page I have focused on ONE task per day.  

Cleaning the car - getting rid of dirt, hair, clothes, garbage and offered some tips to get things clean, fast!

Grab some totes (to organize what you pull out of there) and get your car cleaning tool kit ready.

For us barn folks - we probably have everything we need in our tack room (that we covered this week too lol)


Give the house a bit of an uplift too - easy peasy - clean out the mudroom and make it work!  Walking into the house and having a spot for everything is SO much nicer than walking in and chucking things on the floor, for you to trip over later.  

I love having little accents in every room too - mostly in the form of plants ;) 

What is more welcoming than a pretty green plant, or a little splash of spring time colours in a flowering plant?  (Plants are less maintenance than cut flowers, which is why I prefer them - ugh, that rotten stem and icky brown water that flowers get... blech)


We're all heading into summer time - YES! It's coming!!!  For some of us that means shorts, and for some of us that means horse shows, beaches, walking through a market eating fresh fruit with a cute hat on, and complimentary tote!  Whatever it means to you, feeling your best, having energy and confidence is always important.

How do I recommend getting ALL of these things in one fabulous swoop?


Set up a spot for your workouts in your house - if you have the room, go for a full on studio style, mirrors, inspirational pictures and quotes, hang your program calendar etc.  

If you don't have extra space, just get a cute bag, or clear a spot under a coffee table to put a couple weights, bands, a yoga mat, your shoes, a place for a sweat towel and a bottle of water, when you're getting your thang done!


My clients get workouts anywhere from 10 to 20 mins up to 40 or 45 mins per session - there are high intensity, medium, or low... and some are a lovely balance of all three!

Why do they workout at home?  

Because they're BUSY!  Because they have families and can't get away for 2hrs at a time in the morning, or the end of the day (when you include travel and the whole shebang you have to do to get to a gym).


AND - because if I have set you up with a program that you don't like, or that you didn't get your desired results from... you get your money back!  (how many gyms do that? lol)


I also have a referal program that I work with - Refer a friend, get 25% of your investment back, refer 4 and get it all back!


So, my dears, THAT is why and how you can workout at home too.  

THAT is how you can get your life decluttered and get some goals checked off your list in one week!


If you want to get more info from me through FB - my page is



LinkedIN https://ca.linkedin.com/in/leslie-klatt-a575741b



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