February 11, 2016



Family Channel is looking for horseback riders to cast in a new TV show, Changing the Lead. See below for application details and send any questions no later than Monday, February 15, 2016.


An open casting call will be held for female and male Ontario residents between the ages of 8-18 with very strong horseback riding/equestrian abilities.


Please note that this is a dramatic series so all applicants must possess a great sense of maturity. The following roles are up for grabs:


GIRL 1: Female, 13-18, all ethnicities welcome. VERY STRONG EQUESTRIAN ABILITY IS A REQUIREMENT. SERIES REGULAR. Girl 1 is an extremely good horseback rider and doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. She rides because she loves it. She has an uncanny ability with horses and feels more at home at the stable or riding than she does anywhere else. A well-worn pair of jeans feels more natural to her than a beautiful dress. Although she is well trained and an award winning rider and is ranked as one of the best Eventing riders internationally, she doesn’t ride for the awards and accolades, she rides for herself. Can be stubborn but is a smart and loyal friend and sister.


GIRL 2: Female, 13-18, all ethnicities welcome. VERY STRONG EQUESTRIAN ABILITY IS A REQUIREMENT. SERIES REGULAR. Girl 2 is highly competitive and comes from an affluent family. Her parents are extremely busy A-type perfectionists and she has inherited a similar disposition. She has been riding since before she could walk and has the trophies to prove it. She suffers from a crisis of identity and although she says she rides to prove herself to be the best rider, it’s really because it is the only place she can find peace. She can alienate herself because of her competitive nature but the only one she is really trying to prove worthy is herself.


GIRL 3: Female, 8-12, all ethnicities welcome. VERY STRONG EQUESTRIAN ABILITY IS A REQUIREMENT. SERIES REGULAR. Younger sister of Girl 1. A natural rider but she doesn’t take it very seriously. Always ready with a smile or a laugh, she often provides the comedic relief in tense moments. Doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty but as a natural scholar, she prefers to have her nose in a book rather than taking the reins.


HORSE RANCH MANAGER: Female, 35-45, all ethnicities welcome. VERY STRONG EQUESTRIAN ABILITY IS A


REQUIREMENT. SERIES REGULAR. She is Girl 1 and 3’s mother. As a single mother who provides for her children, she lives, eats and breathes the ranch life. She was one of the highest-ranked riders when she was younger but stopped riding competitively abruptly, reasons why still a mystery. She runs the horse ranch, is a natural authoritarian but has a great sense of humour. She is a fiercely compassionate mother and loves being around animals. Although she is often on a horse, she rarely busts out her skills and then usually only around her family and close friends. As she has had to manage a farm staff, which is often a highly-male environment, she’s learned how to handle herself in a room full of men and not back down. She is tolerated by the wealthier population because of her position and skills but she herself has little patience for the well-to-do. However, she does understand that she must maintain her position with them because they provide the funding for the Ranch and her livelihood and it is a constant balancing act.


BOY 1: Male, 16-17, all ethnicities welcome. VERY STRONG EQUESTRIAN ABILITY IS A REQUIREMENT. Boy 1 is a throwback to the old handsome cowboy. He seems more at home on a horse than with his feet on the ground. Although he is someone of few words, he has an extremely strong ability to communicate with horses and people have called him a horse-whisperer. When it takes two months to train a horse, he can do it in one. He helps out around the ranch and secretly has feelings for Girl 1. Although he comes from a broken home and does not open up easily, when he does, it is compelling.


Location: Toronto, Ontario.
Dates: Spring/Summer 2016.


Please send headshot and resume and any questions no later than Monday, February 15, 2016. Even if you do not have a professional headshot and resume, send us what you can. A current photo and a list of your equestrian experience (plus any of school plays, relevant classes taken, special skills: Dressage, Western, Eventing Jumping, Circus or Rodeo etc.) is acceptable. Also be sure to state your age and where you live. Due to the high volume of submissions, we will only contact those who we would like to audition or ask to self-tape an audition.


This is a union project, however we are accepting submissions from non-union guys and gals with very strong equestrian ability only. Serious enquires only!




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