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Leslie Klatt

One Planner to get you living your life and building your business for 18 months!

            Who am I?

                                                                Oh, Hey... 

                                                                I'm Leslie Klatt - I'm a Entrepreneur Coach and Business Consultant who happens to Design                                                                      Business and Life Planners and loves everything organizational, like Martha Stewart.

                                                                I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, from start ups to multiple six figure earners, find                                                                        more time in their lives for living while they reach their goals in life and business. 

                                                                We have developed their packaging, got clear on their message and target audiences, kept                                                                    focus and productive and changed from activity specialists to ACTION takers!

My Background, before working full-time as an online mompreneur, was in the 9-5 j.o.b.(or sometimes on call 24hrs) as a Marketing and Project Management Professional.

I have worked with international companies, setting up their online and catalogue sales design and strategies, product development, and my project management even took me to the construction industry, working as a liaison between the large oil and gas empires and business owners to have their development projects run as seamlessly as possible.

So, what do I bring to your online business? (which also works with brick and mortar)

I have helped online entrepreneurs get organized in how they are showing up in their business.  Time Management and Organization has always been something I enjoy.  Yes, ENJOY.  I'm the kid who used to reorganize her already organized sock drawer for fun.

I also designed the house that I live in with my Husband, 2 kids, dog and cat (with horses in the pasture out back) when I was 7.  Goal setting, and goal reaching, are MY JAM!

We'll be working together for the next 18 months to get everything you have on your plate sorted out, so that you can take the massive action that it takes to reach your goals!

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