How to get from tired, stressed, and stuck.  Staring at a list of things to do and having NO TIME to do them to...

Happy, Energized, Confident and Kicking Ace in 10 Days...

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Hi there, I'm Leslie Klatt... Business and Life coach, Mother, Wife, Author, Vlogger, Entrepreneur, Farmer, Lover of All things Martha and, most recently, Hostess of Make it Stick 2019!


After 4 years of coaching, working with clients One on One to reach their goals, I kept seeing a trend forming.  People need BALANCE!  (yes, I said it)


We tend to focus on one thing, one aspect of life, at a time.  When we decide it's time to start a business, relaunch a business, create a program, or even lose weight... we will focus SO MUCH on that, that we lose something else, relationships?  Family time? Working on your dream business? Developing your SELF?  Finances get out of control?

Then, as we fix whatever we dropped, we stop working on everything else while we fix it up, and the circle of tail chasing, the juggling, the hustle struggle takes over!  We just can't seem to fit it all in.  

We're just TOO BUSY... and ready to give up... 


Guess what... Within 10 days, you can learn to BALANCE IT ALL

Life is made up of so many parts, you just have to find what works for you, what your priorities are, and how to avoid that dreaded overwhelm.

We're going to get you through everything you need to do AND get your more time for the things you want to do in Life and Business.

Make it Stick


This is not a One size Fits all.  We are going to make it perfect for YOU

Now you're thinking... "Sure, what do you know about my life?  I am lucky if I have time to PEE!"


My Answer:  "I don't know anything about your life right now, but I'd love to get to know you and show you that you can pee, have friends, be healthy, balance your budget, learn and grow, gain support and help where you need it, and not only control time, but have MORE time, to reach your goals."  


Things we're going to balance in the 10 Day Make it Stick program...

  • Goal Setting to Make your Dreams Reality

  • Reclaiming Your Life

  • Your True Potential

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Schedules

Where else are you going to get all of these tools?...  ?




Make it Stick 2019 is in a class of its own!

Sweet Banana Sandwiches!  YES!!!

What is going to happen?


Oh, it's going to be good. 


After you sign up for Make it Stick, you can get to work right away.

We will be running everything in a closed Facebook group with daily activities to get you working on that balance asap!


At the end of the 10 Days we will have a Live Group Call, where we will meet virtually, face to face, to hone in on your specific questions and business and life situations.  


You will be given everything you need in calendars, check lists,

planning sheets and worksheets to get through each exercise to

bring you to your goals, and actually MAKE THEM STICK!  

Picture your life, with all of its pieces, and you moving forward toward what you want it to be every single day!!


You'll just need a Note book and a phone or computer/laptop/tablet! 

Grab Your Spot for 

Make it Stick  


P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer's a 10 day course to balancing and getting closer to your dream life without dropping everything.   

If you're a VIP TYPE... You'll get your chance ;)